Frequently Asked Questions

In our Infocenter you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. The questions are related to our programs, licensing of our software, but also the subscription model. Use the search function on the page to find answers to the questions that concern you as quickly and easily as possible.

Payment & Invoice

You can purchase the FRILO programs in the webshop exclusively by direct debit. The accruing subscription price will be debited to you monthly via direct debit. Read more
In the webshop, all prices are initially displayed in EUR. During the checkout process, prices in currencies other than EUR are calculated based on the current exchange rate. It is therefore possible that prices fluctuate daily. Read more
You will usually receive your invoice from us by e-mail. If you have not registered an e-mail address, the invoice will be sent to you by post. You will receive an invoice for the complete duration of the subscription, but you will pay the total amount of the invoice in monthly installments by direct debit. Read more
If your subscription renews, the amount due will continue to be collected monthly by direct debit from the account you have deposited. Read more