Continuous Beam Steel



The STM+ program is used to calculate single-span and multi-span steel beams. A cantilever beam is selectable as a special case. Cross-sections can be defined with a haunch, with hinges or with a reinforcement, also multi-part cross-sections are possible. The user can optionally perform either an elastic or plastic design of the cross-section in accordance with EN 1993. The output is compact and can be configured in a detailed manner. The program is designed for a graphically supported interactive workflow.

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  • Structural steel S235 – S450
  • Annealed steel S275N – S460N
  • Thermo-steel S275M – S460M
  • Weathering steel S235W – S355W
  • High-temperature steel S460Q – S460QL1
  • Hollow section, hot-finished S235H – S355H
  • Hollow section, hot-finished, fine-grain S275NH – S460NH
  • User-defined steel
Structural system
  • Single-span or multi-span beam with or without cantilevers
  • Different cross-sections for each span or section
  • Any type of haunched beam
  • Multi-part beams
  • Rotation of the beam is possible
  • Definition of hinges in the system
  • Lateral restraints are adjustable



  • I-sections (e. g.: IPE, HEA, HEB, HEM)
  • U-sections (e. g.: UPE, UPN)
  • Rectangular hollow section (e.g.: RO, PRO, QRO)
  • Circular hollow sections as per DIN EN 10219-2
  • Round steel
  • Flat steel
  • User-defined cross-sections
  • General cross-sections based on static values
  • An automatic comparison of the sections of the selected steel shape series is possible


  • Vertical and horizontal loads resulting from linear, concentrated, moment, triangular and trapezoidal loads
  • Self-weight can be considered automatically
  • Each load can be defined individually for each span
  • Consideration of a beam spacing with automatic conversion into area loads
  • Definition of concurrency and alternative groups
  • User-defined actions with freely selectable partial safety factors
  • With biaxial loading, the user can freely define the angle between 0° and 90°
  • Import of loads from the LAST+ program
Structural safety

The user can optionally perform either an elastic or a plastic design of the cross-section. For the equivalent member verification, various options are available for selection. When the cross-sectional dimensions of the steel shape are known (e.g. from the Frilo profile selection file), the edge stresses, the highest shear stress and the comparison stress are verified in each cross section.

Instead of a continuous restraint, the position of restraints in the longitudinal direction of the beam and on the cross-section can be defined. The stability analysis for uniaxial bending without normal force is then carried out for the beam. This verification is issued separately in the program.


For the verification of deformation, the user can optionally select the characteristic, frequent or quasi-permanent design situation. Optionally, deformations from shear can be considered in the calculation. The serviceability verification can be put out optionally with the difference in deformation compared to the undeformed system and/or related to the system lengths. The limit values for the span and the cantilevers can be adjusted separately.

Additional options

Biaxial Bending STM-2

With the help of this add-on, the user can define biaxial loading and perform the corresponding design. Each load can apply at an angle between 0° and 90°.  The loads are automatically separated into a horizontal and a vertical load share. The user can define elastic supports, restraints in upright members and end restraints as well as column settlement in each direction separately. Joints function as bending joints about the y-axis as well as about the z-axis.

Document file formats
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Printer
  • brief
  • detailed
  • without design
  • user-defined


Results in the ULS and SLS, graphics, screenshots from the Results section can be inserted.

Transfer options
  • STS+ Steel Column (support reactions)
  • HO1+ Timber Column (support reactions)
  • B5+ Reinforced Concrete Column (support reactions)
  • HTM+ Continuous Timber Beam (entire structural system)
  • BTM+ Continuous Concrete Beam (entire structural system)
  • RSX+ Framework (entire structural system)
  • BTII+ Lateral Torsional Buckling Analysis (entire structural system)
Load import
  • LAST+
Import options
  • ASCII-file
Export options
  • Word
  • PDF
Steel construction
  • DIN EN 1993
  • ÖNORM EN 1993
  • BS EN 1993
  • PN EN 1993
  • EN 1993

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