Earth Pressure Calculation


The EDB+ program can be used to calculate the horizontal earth pressure coordinates on a hypothetical earth pressure wall. The earth pressure distribution can be put out in detail either for a partial area of the wall defined by elevation levels or for the entire height. At the same time, the software calculates the resulting horizontal and vertical earth pressure forces as well as the associated earth pressure inclination angle. The available earth pressure types are earth pressure at rest, active, passive and active increased earth pressure as well as lateral  pressure.

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Structural system
  • Vertical or inclined earth pressure wall
  • Freely selectable wall friction angle
  • Earth pressure in a section via the definition of elevation levels


  • Any number of horizontal layers
  • Freely selectable soil parameters

Ground surface:

  • Horizontal or continuously ascending
  • Any number of polygonal ground-surface sections


Stagnant groundwater can optionally be defined at various levels to the left and right of the earth pressure wall as desired. The water pressure is automatically considered in the calculation based on the groundwater levels. The buoyant unit weight of the water-saturated soil is also taken into account.


  • Any kind of ground loads in the form of unlimited area loads, limited strip and block loads as well as line loads are available. All loads can be defined at a distance to the earth pressure wall or, if applicable, also at a depth z below the ground top edge.
  • Free assignment of loads to types of actions according to EC 0, to foundation-specific types of actions or to concurrency and alternative groups.


By specifying the limit state and the design situation, the automatic combination of loads can be controlled.

Optionally, the user can also specify user-defined superposition factors (partial safety factor γsup ; partial safety factor γinf; combination coefficient Ψ) for each load case.

Earth pressure application
  • The earth pressure can be applied to the hypothetical earth pressure wall at a freely selectable inclination angle, also per section
  • Earth pressure at rest
  • Active earth pressure
  • Freely selectable increased active earth pressure
  • Lateral pressure in the initial, partially consolidated, and final state
  • Optionally with minimum and compaction earth pressure (light and intense compaction)
  • Optional inclusion of earth pressure from cohesion
  • Separate calculation of the earth pressure distribution and stress behaviour for the following load cases:
    • Soil self-weight
    • Groundwater
    • Compaction
    • Individually for each ground-surface load
Document file formats
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Printer
  • Graphical and tabular output of the earth pressure and water pressure distributions
  • Output of the compaction areas
  • Separate earth pressure distribution for each ground-surface load case
  • Trapezoidal or rectangular earth pressure redistribution
  • Superposition of the earth pressure components
  • Overview of all earth pressure distributions
Geotechnical standards
  • DIN EN 1997
  • ÖNORM EN 1997
  • PN EN 1997

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