Würth Tafelanker


The TB-HWA module can be used to verify Würth panel anchors according to approval.

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Supported anchor types
  • Two-piece panel anchors: HTA-2PH, HTA-2PV, HTA-2PIL, HTA-2PIL-L, VPLUS-2P
  • Associated screws (Würth Zebra-Pias, Würth Assy), comb nails and flanges (Würth BP 40, BP 60)
  • All combinations of anchors, flanges and fasteners can be selected. The selection options are limited to the permissible possibilities.
Calculation basis

The basis for the calculation is DIN EN 1995 and the German NA or ÖNORM EN 1995 in conjunction with the European approval ETA-14/0274 of 2020/11/30 – Würth Hold Downs.

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Standard output

  • DIN EN 1995
  • ÖNORM EN 1995

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