Frequently Asked Questions

In our Infocenter you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. The questions are related to our programs, licensing of our software, but also the subscription model. Use the search function on the page to find answers to the questions that concern you as quickly and easily as possible.

Extension & Termination

You always have the option to purchase additional programs and licences via our webshop. Meanwhile, if you would like to benefit from the discounts we offer for multiple program licenses, please contact our sales department at Read more
The subscription to FRILO and DC can be purchased with a minimum term of one month. The subscription term starts on the day of the order. Different cancellation periods apply for the different subscription periods. Read more
You can cancel the monthly subscription in due time with the period of notice two weeks before the end of the contract. For a minimum term of 12 or 36 months, you can cancel with a notice period of one month to the end of the month. For an effective and proper cancellation, the letter […] Read more
If the monthly subscription is not cancelled in due time, the contract term is tacitly extended by another month. If a subscription with a minimum term of 12 or 36 months is not cancelled on time, the contract term is tacitly extended by another year in each case. Read more
Your subscription will continue until the end of the current billing period or the selected term. Your recurring payments will then cease. There are no fees for canceling a subscription. When you cancel your subscription, you lose the right to use the programs to which you have subscribed. Read more
If you were already a FRILO customer before switching to the subscription, you will again have access to those programs you had once purchased after canceling the subscription. The programs will then be back to the status they were at before you switched to the subscription. Read more
You will be informed by us by mail two weeks before the end of your cancellation period. You can then decide for yourself whether to renew or cancel your subscription. Read more
With a minimum term of 12 months, the first license of FRILO Suite always costs 499€/month. For two licenses of FRILO Suite you pay 698,60€. This amount consists of 499€ for the first license and 199,60€ for the second license of FRILO Suite. So if you cancel one license, you will pay the monthly amount […] Read more