7 good reasons to start using FRILO software


Have you just set up your own business as a structural engineer and are looking for the right structural analysis and design software? Perhaps you are already working with a software, but you are dissatisfied and are therefore thinking about switching to a more powerful tool for structural analysis and design? Whatever situation you find yourself in: We give you 7 good reasons why switching to FRILO software is exactly the right step for you.

Getting started with new software usually brings challenges. Will the software meet my requirements? What will the introduction of new software cost? And how long will it take me to master the software in order for me to work efficiently and ultimately productively? These are just a few of the questions civil and structural engineers face when looking for the right software. For better orientation, we illustrate with 7 solid reasons why you should definitely consider getting started with FRILO’s structural analysis and design software.

Reason 1: Subscription model lowers entry barrier

Does the structural analysis and design software really deliver what it promises? And what do I do if the calculation programs do not provide the right answer to my needs after all? These are questions that occasionally arise in the well-considered procurement process of an unknown software. After all, the procurement of a new structural analysis and design software involves high costs right from the start, doesn’t it? Not with FRILO’s subscription model. The low initial investment helps to massively lower the barriers to entry when implementing our software. Thanks to manageable expenses, you remain fully operational and can first convince yourself of the quality of the software. In addition, thanks to versatile minimum term models, you are in a position to react flexibly, at short notice and in line with your current project situation.

Reason 2: Flexibility thanks to floating licence

The FRILO web licence allows you to install and use the FRILO software on any number of computers within an office with just one floating licence. Unlike a standard licence, which can only be used by one registered user exclusively on one registered computer, the floating licence can be shared within a group of users. It should be noted, however, that a floating licence only allows several users to access the software at different times. If simultaneous access to the software by users is desired, two or more licences must be purchased. The bottom line is that the software can be used by an unlimited number of users, regardless of computer or location. FRILO licensing thus offers flexibility and reduces costs.

Reason 3: Attractive PLUS interface

A big plus for your entry into the FRILO world are the PLUS programs equipped with the new user interface. The modern look of the PLUS generation lays the foundation for simple, clear and intuitive operation of the FRILO solutions, which are subject to the philosophy of component-oriented verification in their application. Using a wizard, you can easily enter standard systems with a few basic parameters. The basic system then adapts quickly and efficiently via interactive graphics. The outsourcing of infrequently occurring verifications to separate dialogues and a search function for quickly finding parameters also ensure clarity. And if you get stuck, a specially designed help area can be accessed directly from the program.

The 3D view of a steel beam designed in order to perform a second-order torsional buckling analyses | FRILO
The PLUS interface of FRILO programs using the BTII+ as an example.

Reason 4: Excellent customer support at all stages

The first steps with a new software can be bumpy. Structural engineers sometimes enter unfamiliar territory. It all starts with a mostly user-friendly, yet unfamiliar user interface that first needs to be explored and understood. Then there are the many new functions and unexpected possibilities that need to be discovered. That’s why our expert support engineers accompany you through all phases of use: from familiarisation and acclimatisation to establishment. A large FRILO team provides active and problem-solving support for new users and those switching to FRILO via hotline, TeamViewer or e-mail. And not only during the initial installation and onboarding, but also for project- and software-related concerns from everyday user life. Even experienced software users benefit daily from the high response rate and the short response time of our customer service.

An der FRILO-Hotline sitzen erfahrene und fachkundige Supportingenieure | FRILO Software
Knowledgeable and attentive support engineers await you on the FRILO hotline.

Reason 5: Webinars, Tutorials & Trainings

For successful onboarding, in addition to our customer support, not only regular free webinars are available to you, but above all clear tutorials on our YouTube channel. The well-structured and extensive FAQ section will also help you. If you have already familiarised yourself with the software in general, our online trainings should be of interest to you. There you can deepen your skills and knowledge in certain programs. It will help you get the most out of our solutions. On our campus you can get an overview of the webinars and online trainings currently on offer at any time.

FRILO-Mitarbeiter werden in der Software SCIA Engineer geschult | FRILO Software
Get to know FRILO's software better in webinars, tutorials and training sessions.

Reason 6: Interoperability and OpenBIM

Seamless, loss-free data exchange forms the basis for smooth and efficient collaboration between the specialist disciplines of architecture and structural analysis and design in work phases 1 to 5 of the HOAI. This is why FRILO is committed to data interoperability and the OpenBIM process! However, true interoperability requires an open AEC software environment, powerful programs and widely accepted standards. With FRILO’s BIM Connector, FRILO users have access to a powerful tool with which IFC and SAF files from CAD solutions such as ArchiCAD, Allplan, Vectorworks, Revit, AutoCAD and Tekla Structures can be easily read in and prepared for structural calculations with little effort. In addition, our direct interfaces between FRILO and the 3D structural analysis software SCIA Engineer help to increase your productivity when calculating load carrying capability and serviceability.

Mit dem FRILO BIM-Connector lassen sich dreidimensionale Modelle aus einer CAD-Software ohne Daten- und Informationsverluste in passende Berechnungsmodelle konvertieren. Über Schnittstellen können Daten an FRILO-Bemessungsprogramme übergeben werden | FRILO
IFC and SAF files can be imported with FRILO's BIM Connector.

Reason 7: FRILO embodies stability and progress

“We build on stability”! Our slogan does not only refer to our structural analysis and design programs, which support you in ensuring the stability of supporting structures. It also implies a promise: As a company, we focus on sustainability and longevity for you to plan with us safely and for the long term. With the Nemetschek Group behind us and Nemetschek Engineering – a merger of FRILO, the structural analysis software SCIA Engineer and the foundation construction software DC-Software – at our side, we are a force to be reckoned with in the highly fragmented European market for structural analysis and design software. Relentless progress and a strong spirit of innovation are the fuel for our economic growth. That is why we value an open ear, which we regularly give to our customers and biggest critics in our Innovation Labs.

Das Innovation Lab von FRILO ist ein Ort der Inspiration, der Innovation und des Austausches | FRILO Software
FRILO's Innovation Lab is a place of inspiration, innovation and exchange.

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