FRILO releases software version 2022-2 with numerous updates

FRILO Software GmbH has successfully completed the release of software version 2022-2. With this update, the provider of innovative solutions for structural analysis and design brings helpful functional enhancements and new PLUS programs to the market. The conversion to 64-bit also has a positive effect on the overall performance of the software.

With the BTM+ Continuous Concrete Beam FRILO program single-span and multi-span reinforced concrete beams can be calculated. The first version of the solution allows the design of rectangular beams, plate beams and reinforced concrete slabs. For plate beams, freely selectable bond joints can be entered. Furthermore, recesses can be defined at any point. In addition, a revised reinforcement guide will be available. With the help of the interactive graphic input, reinforcement graphics can be generated quickly and clearly.

New PLUS programs in steel and foundation engineering

The STY+ Typified Steel Connections program enables the design of moment-resisting and pinned I-beam connections of the IH and IS type series in combination with IK beam notches. The basis for the design is the DSTV guidelines „Typisierte Anschlüsse im Stahlhochbau” (Typified connections in steel building construction), edition 2013. The STY+ is the successor of the ST8. The BBR+ Slope Failure Analysis has also been provided with the modern PLUS interface. The FRILO solution determines the slope failure safety of a defined ground surface and presents it in the form of a degree of utilization, which is determined based on the method of slices according to Bishop. The state-of-the-art PLUS interface offers intuitive customisation of the basic system via the interactive graphical user interface as well as the free definition of points independently of vertical sections.

Building Model and Slabs program with extended features

In the programs GEO Building Model, PLT Slabs by Finite Elements and SCN Walls by Finite Elements, lightweight concrete (LC12/13 – LC 80/88) has been added to the selectable materials. In the first two solutions, steel beams can also be defined as downstand beams since the software update. In GEO, Automatic generation of eccentric wind load cases can be generated automatically.

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Cooperations with mit Schöck and Würth intensified

Thanks to an interface to Schöck Scalix® structural engineers can take the Schöck Isokorb® into account in the FRILO solution PLT for the structural design of balconies. In the PLT, the static internal forces of balconies can first be determined. Depending on the geometry, the Schöck database then supplies a suitable, economically dimensioned Isokorb from the diverse product portfolio. Furthermore, in the B2 Reinforced Concrete Design program the Schöck glass-fibre reinforcement Combar® was implemented as flexural and shear reinforcement. In the program HTW+ Timber Wall Diaphragms and the Toolbox TB-HWA the tension anchors HTA and V plus offered by Würth for the anchoring of timber-panelled walls against uplift forces are now available.