"The flexible working hours make it absolutely easy to combine work and family life"

Jan Tay Doung | FRILO
Jan-Tay Duong is a young family father and has been a software developer at FRILO for a decade.

Jan-Tay Duong has been a software developer at FRILO since 2013 and is primarily responsible for the development and maintenance of the in-house systems. His daily work routine and his tasks are very varied, and as a father of two children, he particularly appreciates the flexible working hours. This makes it easy to combine work and family life.

Hello Jan! What brought you to FRILO in 2013?

That I came to FRILO was a happy coincidence. A friend was invited to dinner at my house. While talking about our current jobs, I let it slip that I wasn’t happy with my former employer.

Without my knowing about it, he told his father the next day. At that time, he was the Managing Director of FRILO and was looking for software developers. Without further ado, I was invited for an interview. Now I have been with FRILO for 10 years.

You have been working at FRILO for 10 years. What does your workday look like? What tasks do you take on in software development?

Unlike my department colleagues with civil engineering degrees, I am purely a software developer. Therefore, my area of responsibility also differs from that of the others. For example, I am responsible for the development and maintenance of many in-house systems. These include our build automation programs, our CRM & ERP system and other programs that make the daily life of our development and marketing & sales team easier. However, there are also some products of mine that are used by the customer on a daily basis. For example, I developed the license system and I am also the developer of the FRILO.Software startup and installation application. I also handle connections to partner interfaces such as the Schöck Isokorb. In addition, I am responsible for patch creation and support my colleagues in publishing our releases. 

What was your most extraordinary experience at FRILO?

That was the meal at the FRILO developers’ meeting in 2017. After we had finished our workshops and visited the Devil’s Cave in Pottenstein, we went to the Gasthof Schüttersmühle. There we had steak served on a hot stone – that was something out of the ordinary for me.

What do you like about working in the FRILO team?

Above all, I like the fact that it’s varied. I also like the fact that FRILO’s flexible working hours make it easy to combine work and family life. In addition, when problems arise, FRILO always has your back and offers to find a solution.

And of course I can’t forget my dear colleagues, without them work would only be half as nice!

What do you do when you’re not working?

Family is at the top of my list, for example on weekends we are out and about with the kids a lot. Otherwise, I discovered running for myself through FRILO and my participation in the Stuttgart Run 2021. And if I still have time left over, I program Android apps in my spare time.