Punching Shear Analysis


The program can be used to verify the resistance to punching shear of point-supported slabs, foundation slabs, single foundations (compact foundations) or column head enlargements for slabs and foundation slabs. In addition to all types of columns, also wall ends and wall corners can be designed. In parallel to the verification based on standards, the user can optionally select shear connector rails from different manufacturers.

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  • Reinforced concrete of the strength classes C16/20 to C100/115
Structural system
  • Inner column
  • Edge column
  • Corner column
  • Wall end
  • Wall corner
  • Types of slabs:
    • floor slab,
    • foundation slab,
    • isolated foundation (compact foundation)
  • Block-outs can be defined
  • Existing flexural reinforcement can be considered
  • Design of a vertical load (concentrated load)
  • Additional safety factor to consider gamma-fold or characteristic loads
  • Total load factor β as per EN 1992-1-1
  • For floor slabs, axial concrete stress (prestress, compression) can be considered
  • For foundation slabs and compact foundations, an associated soil pressure can be entered
Shear connector rails
  • Halfen HDB, approval: ETA-12/0454
  • Schöck BOLE, approval: ETA-13/0076
  • Jordahl JDA, approval: ETA-13/0136
  • RFA-Tech shear connector rails (program version B6+RFA, BS EN 1992:2015, CARES approval, B6+RFA-Manual)

The calculated shear force design resistances are determined in the decisive critical perimeters in accordance with the respective NA for the column area susceptible to punching shear. The verification reveals either that the existing load-bearing capacity of the reinforced concrete is sufficiently high or that punching shear reinforcement must be installed.

If the verification limits are exceeded, the verification result is marked as impermissible. In this case, the user must change the system parameters or select a suitable design alternative (e.g. column head enlargement or shear connector rails, also lattice girders are possible).

Document file formats
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Printer
  • Standard, with block-outs
  • 3-d graphs
Transfer options

FILIGRAN®: Punching shear analysis with lattice girders

Data transfer from B6+ to the FILIGRAN punching shear program Profi.exe is possible. This way, punching shear reinforcement of lattice girders can be designed for flat reinforced concrete slabs. Alternatively, an internal design of the punching shear reinforcement of flat reinforced concrete slabs can be performed in B6+.

Import options
Export options
  • Word
  • PDF
  • DXF
Reinforced concrete
  • DIN EN 1992-1-1 as well as DIN 1045/1045-1
  • ÖNORM EN 1992-1-1
  • BS EN 1992-1-1
  • PN EN 1992-1-1
  • NTC EN 1992-1-1
  • EN 1992-1-1