Reinforced Concrete Half Joint


The B10+ program can be used to calculate dapped beam ends. In this calculation, all necessary verifications are performed on the basis of a combined strut-and-tie model. The user can make detailed specifications for the reinforcement.

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  • Reinforced concrete of the strength classes C20/25 to C100/115
  • Steel grades B500A, B500B, BSt 420 S(A)
Structural system
  • Dapped beam end in the support area
  • The concrete cover can be varied on all sides
  • Consideration of bond conditions (e.g. for cast-in-place columns)
  • The vertical suspension reinforcement can optionally also function as a beam tie
  • Vertical load (concentrated load)
  • Horizontal load
  • Optional consideration of a concentrated load close to the support that is not suspended
  • A vertical load can be entered with horizontal distance from the dapped edge

The calculation is based on a strut-and-tie model combined of perpendicular and inclined suspension reinforcement in accordance with Booklet 599 of the German Committee of Reinforced Concrete DAfStb. The design is performed with the rebar diameters specified by the user. The equilibrium in the strut-and-tie model is determined by iterative addition of the required stirrups and the recalculation of the centres of gravity of the reinforcement.

The following verifications are performed:

  • Calculation optionally in accordance with Booklet 599 of the German Committee of Reinforced Concrete DAfStb
  • Truss model combined of perpendicular and diagonal suspension reinforcement
  • Freely selectable percentage share of inclined reinforcement
  • Design of an additional load (transfer immediately in the bearing)
  • Calculation of the reinforcement with representation of the reinforcement layout
  • Verification of the anchorage of the horizontal reinforcement
Document file formats
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Printer
  • 3-d graphic (optional)
Import options
  • Frilo XML
Export options
  • Word
  • PDF
Reinforced concrete
  • DIN EN 1992
  • ÖNORM EN 1992
  • BS EN 1992
  • PN EN 1992
  • EN 1992
  • NTC 1992

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