Verification of Steel Cross-Sections


The SQN+ programme performs verifications of steel cross-sections in the ultimate limit state. The verifications are based on Eurocode 3.

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  • Structural steel: S235, S275, S355, S450
  • Annealed steel (S275N – S460N)
  • Thermo-steel (S275M – S460M)
  • Weathering steel (S235W – S355W)
  • High-temperature steel (S460Q – S460QL1)
  • Hollow section, hot-finished (S235H – S355H)
  • Hollow section, hot-finished, fine-grain (S275NH – S460NH)
  • User-defined steel
  • Aluminium (extruded, drawn, sheeting, forged products and user-defined type)
Structural system


  • I-sections, U-sections, T-sections, angle-sections, C-sections, square, rectangular and circular hollow sections, round steel and flat steel as standard shapes and as user-defined shapes
  • Multi-part metal sheet cross-sections from the Q3 programme
  • Design internal forces from normal force, moment (My, Mz), primary and secondary torsional moment (MxI, MxII), warping moment (Mw) and shear force (Vy, Vz).
  • Multiple combinations of design internal forces can be entered

The cross-section is verified in the ultimate limit state as per DIN EN 1993-1-1, 6.2.

According to DIN EN 1993-1-1, 5.5, the steel cross-section is classified in one of the cross-section classes 1 to 4 depending on the applying effects of actions and the c/t ratio of its cross-section parts under compression. The verification of the cross-section is determined by the classification. For the cross-section classes 1 to 3, the verification can optionally be based on Equation 6.1 (stress resistance verification) and Equation 6.2 (utilisation of plastic load-bearing capacities in accordance with the cross-section class). The verification for cross-section class 4 is performed using the effective cross-sectional properties.

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Steel construction
  • DIN EN 1993
  • ÖNORM EN 1993
  • BS EN 1993
  • PN EN 1993
  • DIN EN 1999

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