Wind and Snow Loads

The LWS+ programme calculates the wind and snow loads for the double-pitch roof, hip roof and single-pitch roof. In addition, for flat roofs, eaves can be taken into account that are either sharp-edged, bevelled, rounded or have a parapet. Furthermore, snow drifts on superstructures, sliding snow loads from abutting taller structures, canopies, the internal wind pressure in closed buildings and the wind action on free-standing walls can be recorded.

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Structural system
  • Double-pitch roof
  • Hip roof
  • Single-pitch roof
  • Flat roof with sharp-edged, bevelled, or rounded eaves or parapet

In addition:

  • Snow drifts on superstructures
  • Loads by down-sliding snow from abutting taller structures
  • Canopies
  • Wind-induced internal pressure in closed buildings
  • Wind action on free-standing walls
  • Wind loads
  • Roof snow loads

The software calculates the site-specific basic wind velocity pressure qb and the gust velocity pressure q(z) on walls and roof surfaces with consideration of the defined geographic border conditions.

The aerodynamic coefficients and the resulting wind loads are calculated for areas = 10 m², for areas < 1 m² (uplift) and, optionally, for areas between 1 and 10 m² for upwind angles of 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°. For areas with alternating pressure and suction loads, always both values are put out.

The wind loads are calculated exclusively in accordance with the wind pressure coefficient method.

The software allows you to determine the ground snow loads and the resulting roof snow loads as well as the snow loads on the eaves at roof overhangs.


Document file formats
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Printer
  • Standard
  • Brief
  • Detailed
  • User defined

The aerodynamic coefficients and the wind loads can be put out graphically and, optionally, in the form of tables.

  • EN 1991
  • DIN EN 1991
  • ÖNORM EN 1991
  • BS EN 1991
  • NTC EN 1991
  • PN EN 1991

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