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The FRILO software supports you as a structural engineer in efficiently calculating the load-bearing capacity and stability of building structures. With a wide range of calculation programs, we meet your everyday challenges in structural analysis comprehensively and in line with your needs. All solutions were developed by experienced civil engineers and are therefore characterised by reliable, fast and easily comprehensible results as well as user-friendly operation.

We are FRILO.

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We build on stability

What drives us?

Our mission statement
defines our actions

In addition to our consistent focus on the needs of our customers, we never lose sight of our values and basic principles. Our slogan We build on stability stands not only for our contribution to the stability of structures, but also for the excellent quality of our programs, the lasting commitment of our employees to the company and the trusting customer and partner relationships.


Our vision

Our vision is to guide structural engineers in the design of safe and durable structures.


Our mission

As a pioneer in the field of construction software, FRILO helps structural engineers to plan buildings more efficiently and reliably. In doing so, we provide the profession with easy access to structural analysis thanks to user-friendly solutions that are suitable for everyday use. To ensure that structural engineers can continue to meet the high requirements for safe and economical implementation of sustainable structures in the future, we are constantly developing our wide range of services, taking into account current industry trends and customer requirements.

That is why FRILO exists

Our purpose

The FRILO Software was once brought to life by the founders Jens Friedrich and Nobert Lochner because the structural check-operations and calculations that the two engineers had to do were becoming increasingly time-consuming and complex. Therefore, in 1978 they began to leave the calculations – until then laboriously determined by hand – to the computer based on software they had programmed themselves. To this day, the FRILO software is just that: a tool that relieves the structural engineer of the pure calculation work and thus helps him to organise his daily work – which is characterised by time and cost pressure – more efficiently. Even if the critical view of the results determined by the software must never be lost, structural engineers can take responsibility for the stability of structures with a clear conscience thanks to the reliable and easily comprehensible results of our solutions.

That distinguishes us

User-friendly handling and first-class support

We attach great importance to making the operation of our programs intuitive and clear. This is also successful because our product portfolio is deliberately oriented towards the principle of positional statics. As the verifications can be carried out separately for individual components, the complexity of the programs and the modelling effort are drastically reduced. Despite the uncomplicated handling of our solutions, it is quite natural that questions arise during operation. That is why we are particularly proud of our support, which our customers attest to be first-class. Our qualified support engineers not only assist our software users with questions regarding the operation of our programs, but also help with complex technical challenges.