"FRILO means precise and efficient work to me"

last updated on 20. March 2024, 08:42

by Tim Kullmann

We visited the engineering office BILGER INGENIEURE in Kusterdingen. The office offers services in the fields of structural analysis and design, building physics, fire protection, sustainability certification and energy consulting. Managing Director Tobias Bilger and his employees Carsten Deuscher and Andreas Klein explain what they like about the FRILO and ALLPLAN program portfolio, why they enjoy working with FRILO solutions and what motivated them to switch to the FRILO Suite subscription.
Tobias Bilger und sein Team von BILGER INGENIEURE arbeiten seit ihrer Gründung 2006 mit der FRILO Software.
Thumbs up! Tobias Bilger and his team at BILGER INGENIEURE have been relying on FRILO and ALLPLAN solutions since they were founded in 2006.

According to Tobias Bilger, BILGER INGENIEURE stands for holistic, innovative and sustainable planning services in the fields of structural analysis and design, building physics, fire protection, sustainability certification and energy consulting. In 2006, Tobias Bilger founded the engineering office in Kusterdingen near Tübingen and chose a powerful software package consisting of Allplan and FRILO. “We use FRILO on a daily basis and it is the main program for our structural calculations because, in addition to the support, we were particularly impressed by the large program portfolio,” enthuses the office owner. “For us, this software contains all the modules and programs we need.”

The benefits of FRILO software

“I like working with FRILO, especially with the PLUS programs, because they are very easy and intuitive to use,” says Carsten Deuscher, Head of Structural Design at BILGER INGENIEURE. This is particularly beneficial for beginners, who do not have to spend a long time familiarizing themselves with the programs and have more time to deal with the structural calculations. Despite the ease of use, even experienced engineers like him can achieve meaningful and conclusive results very quickly with FRILO, says Deuscher. The structural engineer also praises the consistency of the FRILO programs, which can exchange data and loads between each other.

Carefree working thanks to FRILO Suite

By switching to the FRILO Suite, the long-standing SSA customer has now decided to acquire the entire FRILO product portfolio on a subscription basis. “The advantage of the FRILO Suite for us is that we no longer have to worry about procurement processes because we have access to FRILO’s entire portfolio,” says Andreas Klein, who leads the Building Physics department. According to owner Tobias Bilger, the fact that future new developments will also be automatically available to the office after the market launch is particularly attractive. “We are automatically up to date after every software update and can focus on our core business of structural analysis and design and our other disciplines, which saves us a huge amount of time,” he explains and adds: “We can also react flexibly to the number of employees.” Something that is particularly relevant to him as Managing Director in today’s working environment.

Tobias Bilger and his colleagues explain in the video why they use FRILO for structural calculations in their office and why they, as long-standing customers, have switched to the FRILO Suite subscription.