Pocketed Steel Column Base


The ST6 program is used to verify the bases of columns restrained in sleeve foundations under uniaxial or biaxial loading.

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  • Structural steel: S235, S275, S355, S450
  • Annealed steel (S275N – S460N)
  • Thermo-steel (S275M – S460M)
  • Weathering steel (S235W – S355W)
  • High-temperature steel (S460Q – S460QL1)
  • Hollow section, hot-finished (S235H – S355H)
  • Hollow section, hot-finished, fine-grain (S275NH – S460NH)
  • User-defined steel
  • Reinforced concrete: C12/15 to C50/60 or user-defined concrete
Structural system

Available systems:

  • Restrained column base with welded-on base plate


  •  Column
    • I-sections as standard shapes
    • I-sections as user-defined shapes
  • Base plate
    • Flat steel with standard or user-defined dimensions
  • Optionally, design internal forces or characteristic internal forces from axial force, moment (My, Mz), and shear force (Vy, Vz)
  • Multiple combinations of design internal forces can be entered

The depth of restraint is determined as a function of the permissible concrete compression and the maximum transverse force that can be borne by the column section.

The verification of the concrete compression between the column section and the foundation is performed.

The column section is verified in the area of restraint for the maximum shear and axial stress as well as the equivalent stresses at the web end at beginning of the filleting.

As a standard, a verification of the plastic cross-sectional resistance of the column section is performed in accordance with EN 1993-1-1. Optionally, the user can verify the cross-section for its elastic resistance.

In addition, the verification of the base plate underneath the column and the simplified verification of the fillet welds between the column and the base plate are performed.

Either an elastic-elastic or elastic-plastic verification of the plate thickness is performed.

Basis of calculation

EN 1993:

Bauforumstahl e.V, Beispiele zur Bemessung von Stahltragwerken und Kindmann, R., Laumann, J.: Erforderliche Einspanntiefe von Stahlstützen in Betonfundamente; Stahlbau 74(2005), Booklet 8, page 564-579


DIN 18800 (11/1990):

Structural safety verifications as limit state design. Two methods for the calculation of the depth of restraint are optionally available:

  • in accordance with Kahlmeyer
  • in accordance with Mang, Koch, Stiglat, Seiler in “Stahlbau”, magazine 9/2002 p. 653.

For the verification according to Kahlmeyer as per DIN 18800, also round, square, and rectangular hollow sections are permitted.

Document file formats
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Printer
  • Brief output
  • User-defined scope
Import options
  • ASCII-file
Export options
  • ASCII-file
  • DXF-file
Steel construction
  • EN 1993
  • DIN EN 1993
  • ÖNORM EN 1993
  • BS EN 1993
  • DIN 18800

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