Shear Panel Stiffness


The ST13 program is used for the calculation of the shear stiffness and rotational spring stiffness as well as of the translational restraint of trapezoidal sheets as per DIN 18800.

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For the beam section:

  • General structural steels: S235, S275, S355
  • Fine-grained structural steels (S275N, S355N, S275NL, S355NL)
  • Quenched and tempered steels (C35N, C45N)
  • Cast steel (GS200N, GS240N, G17Mn5QT, G20Mn5QT, GJS400-15, GJS400-18-LT, GJS400-18-RT)
  • User-defined steel
Structural system

Modelling of a roof or wall construction (number of spans, span length and height) including the components to be supported (beams) and definition of the size and position of the stabilising component (shear panel).



  • Trapezoidal sheet section in positive or negative position, make:
    • Fischer
    • Hoesch
    • Ferroval
    • Haironville
    • MPB Haironville
    • PAP
    • Salzgitter
    • Thyssen
  • Beam sections: I-sections and U-sections as standard steel shapes
  • I-section, unequal I-section, rectangular solid cross-section and U-section as user-defined shapes


Fastening of the trapezoidal sheeting:

  • Bolted connection on the upper or lower flange
  • Bolt spacing in each stiffener or in every second stiffener


  • Structural load and suction load are available for selection.

The program does not only calculate the translational and rotational spring stiffnesses of trapezoidal sheets but also verifies whether the fixity against lateral shift and/or torsion is sufficient in accordance with DIN 18800-2, (308) or (309).

Document file formats
  • PDF
  • Word
  • Printer
  • User-defined output scope
Import options
  • ASCII-file
Export options
  • ASCII-file
  • Word
  • DXF-file
  • EMF-file
Steel construction
  • DIN 18800

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